We go through changes and adaptations

In life, we go through changes and adaptations; whether it’s going through personal problems or moving to a new country. A change could be moving to a new country that causes us to adapt to the new environment. Through this change, we have to leave our old life and start a new one when we move to the new country. Writing is like adapting to a new country that both depends on learning the language, exploring the surroundings, and keeping an open mind while adjusting.

To be able to communicate through writing, we need to consider the style, tone, and clarity of the work, just like how we should analyze the way locals in the country speak their native language. Ever since we were born, we only learned how to speak our native language. However, when we learn that we will move to a new country means we will have to learn how to speak their language. Furthermore, in writing, we need to understand what kind of language we want to portray about the topic. In which, “Internal Revision” written by Donald Murray, analyzes that, “... using language to discover meaning in experience and to communicate it” (75). Communicating with the locals is a must when we are in a new country and it will strengthen relationships with the local people. In which, Murray further explains, “this process can be described, understood, and therefore learned” (75). This means that if we put in the time to learn the language, the quicker we can speak and eventually start speaking to the locals of the new country. The beginning of this process will be hard because we learn new words and frameworks that are completely different from our native language. In writing, we need to make sure that we are using the right language we want to portray because we don’t want the reader(s) to get lost. Learning how to speak a new country’s language is like writing because we want the reader(s) to understand the language we are trying to use and get out to them.

Exploring the surroundings will help us gain a better vision and understanding of what the country is like in which we can also do with a writing topic we are not familiar with. For instance, we need to explore the different famous landmarks, and attending the events that are held, there that can offer us more information about the country. Simply like in writing, we need to explore different areas to help us gain the information we need before starting the work. This indicates that, “... experienced writers changes on all levels and use all revision operations” (142) as written by Nancy Sommers from “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers”. In addition to this, we shouldn’t restrict our paper to have only one focus area because the topic that’s usually given to us may have more sub-topics that we can talk about in our paper. For us to gain the information we need, it’s all a matter of revising the work. We need to keep working on writing more drafts. We need to ask ourselves if we are satisfied with our wisdom about the new country. Furthermore, we need to keep revising because we want to improve our writing before officially publishing it to the reader(s). As we keep revising our work, we will create changes that will help us construct a more enhanced work.

Keeping an open mind while writing a paper will create a more diverse work just like adapting to the new country will build a more diverse knowledge about the country. Moving to a new place takes a while to adjust but, keeping an open mind will open our eyes to what’s out there. Just like when working with an unfamiliar topic, working with an open mind because the outcome of the work will have the diversity of the topic by having in-depth ideas while not stating the obvious contents of the topic. At the same time, we should: “... dig up more real content. Instead of taking a couple of... off the surface of the topic” (6) as written by Paul Roberts from “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words”. Which indicates to not just take points from the surface of the topic and just allow us to work outside of the box. In addition to this, while we’re still on the verge of adapting, we need to explore other non-obvious places and we might find some insightful information about the country.

Dealing with changes and adaptations are two of the hardest part of life but, it will differ for each person. Some may take a lot of time to adjust and some may adjust quicker. It may be hard in the beginning because we don’t know the given topic that well so we will need to research/brainstorm, write a draft, and revising the work before creating a final copy. Furthermore, we need to be able to adapt to the given topic, even if it’s a tough one because it will enable us to understand the concept of the topic a little bit better. In the end, it all matters on how much time we put into them because writing needs a lot of time to put some thorough work into it.